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Need help with car accidents, motorcycle wrecks or truck crashes?

What should I do if I’ve been in an automobile accident in Colorado Springs?

  1. Stay calm. Do not admit fault.
  2. Be safe. As much as you reasonably can, move your vehicle out of the road. Put your hazard lights on.
  3. Call the authorities. Insist they come out; law enforcement may not respond to accidents unless there are injuries.
  4. Exchange information
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Insurance company
    5. Policy number
    6. Driver license number and license plate number for the driver and the owner of each vehicle.
    7. Brief written description of each car, including year, make, model and color including the exact location of the collision and how it happened.
  5. Photograph the scene, accident and injuries.
  6. Call an auto accident attorney Colorado Springs.

Why is it important to file a report in an auto accident?

Accident reports often determine who is at fault.

Call the police when in an accident, even if no one was injured.

A car accident attorney in Colorado Springs can help you to determine how to collect damages, file a claim or deal with the insurance companies. Malnar Law, P.C. is a no fee lawyer and auto accident attorney Colorado Springs  – if you don’t get paid they doesn’t get paid.

What to do after a car accident in Colorado Springs - Auto accident attorney Colorado Springs

What should you do if you've been in an automobile accident in Colorado Springs? Call Attorney Malnar Law, P.C. at 719-888-9529
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Car accident attorney Colorado Springs | Car accident lawyer

Learn more about the best car accident attorney in Colorado Springs. Contact Malnar Law, P.C. at 719-888-9529

Uninsured motorists – Contact an auto accident attorney Colorado Springs

The law in the United States requires cars driven on public roads to be insured. However, some people don’t carry insurance, do not know the law, or cannot afford the right kind of insurance. What happens if you get hit by an uninsured driver? Will an auto accident attorney Colorado Springs be able to help you?

Sometimes, your insurance will cover the accidental damage, but oftentimes, it requires a legal showdown. You may be able to file an uninsured motorist claim. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for the damage caused out of your own pocket.

Malnar Law, P.C. is an auto accident attorney in Colorado Springs – let them deal with the insurance companies, and get you the money you need to recover.

Bicycle Accidents – Contact an auto accident attorney Colorado Springs

Bicycle and pedestrian injuries can be severe and even fatal. It is sad to see a beautiful sunny day end up as time spent in a hospital bed or worse.

These accidents can cause an enormous disruption to all aspects of your life. Besides the pain and long-term consequences of the physical injury, accident victims may also struggle with lost wages, hospital bills, ongoing medical costs, emotional trauma, and financial setbacks. These problems can be all the more frustrating if another person was responsible for what happened to you or your loved one.

Drunk Driving Accidents – Contact auto accident attorney Colorado Springs

Even if a drunk driver is convicted on charges relating to driving and drinking, he is not automatically required to pay for damage caused to your person or vehicle.

Evidence needed to file a claim for drunk driving accidents

  • Photographs
  • Witness statements
  • Police reports
  • Medical evaluations

We can help you collect the money you need to recover. Call Auto Accident Attorney Colorado Springs Malnar Law, P.C.

Texting or distracted driving accidents – Contact an auto accident attorney Colorado Springs

Smartphones. Texting. GPS. Radios. Talking. All of these actions can distract drivers and cause harm to other innocent drivers.

Even if you don’t have insurance, it is possible be compensated for injuries in a distracted driving incident. There are 3 steps involved:

  • Gather the evidence.
  • Establish liability – prove that your accident was caused by a distracted driver.
  • Obtain the compensation you need to get healthy.
texting and driving accidents Colorado Springs

Malnar Law is dedicated to handling claims related to Auto Accident Injury . Victims of Auto Accident Injury, can recover monetary damages and especially if they or their passengers received bodily injuries. Colorado law requires that drivers carry insurance. People in Auto Accidents are required by law to have enough coverage to replace or repair property and to cover bodily injury damages. However, many insurance companies will attempt to offer a low settlement, at first, for Auto Accident Injury claims. Call Malnar Law today to ensure that you receive full compensation for your Auto Accident Injury claim.

Frequently asked questions about car accident claims

How does a car accident settlement work?

First, the claim is processed at an insurance company’s data center. A computer program will analyze many factors relating to the crash. The first offer you receive from an insurance company is often based on this number, and any subsequent negotiations will follow from this number. A personal injury attorney should be skilled at understanding how different computer programs analyze a claim. The lawyer will be able to submit claims that the computer will understand correctly.
If a health insurance company paid for your medical treatment, you or your attorney is required to reimburse the health insurance company. Collecting money from a health insurance company and a car insurance company at the same time is illegal. A medical payment policy as part of car insurance policy does NOT have to be repaid. The amount that must be repaid to a health insurance company can be negotiated, reduced or even waived depending on the circumstances of your case.
Finally, your attorney will talk to an insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster may negotiate with your attorney. If the amount the adjuster gives you is acceptable, the settlement may be complete. Your personal injury attorney will help you do the math: subtract what you owe to your attorney, reimbursement to health insurance companies, and other fees that may have to come out of this settlement.The decision is yours to make: you can either accept the settlement, renegotiate, or try your case in court. Malnar Law will be able to give you quality legal advice, unique to your situation, about what you can reasonably expect to recover and what you should do next.

How much is a car accident settlement normally worth?

The average cost of a car accident with injuries in the Unites States is estimated at $130,000. The average settlement from an insurance company is estimated at just $15,000! This includes damages to your automobile, medical treatment costs, physical therapy, emergency services, lost wages and future lost income. A personal injury attorney can help you get the additional money to recover and take care of your family.

What if the person who caused the accident doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance?

An insurance company will often recognize this circumstance as an opportunity to pad their bottom line. An attorney can help you first get the necessary money from the at-fault drivers insurance, and then assist in you filing a claim against your own insurance company for “uninsured motorist insurance.”

Will a car accident claim increase your premiums?

Not usually. This is normally not allowed under Colorado Law. Call us for more details relating your unique circumstances.

Why hire a personal injury attorney?

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury. If you’ve been injured by a motor vehicle there are usually multiple insurance policies in place to protect your interests and make sure that you are made whole. Don’t use just any attorney; use a lawyer that regularly handles these cases and knows how to litigate your case against the insurance company. Remember, your under-insured motorist coverage includes you as a pedestrian or while you ride a bike. Hire an attorney that’s not going to short change your claim.

Why choose Malnar Law, P.C. as your personal injury attorney?

  • Talk to an experienced lawyer, not a paralegal or junior lawyer.
  • I pledge to you that I will personally handle your case from start to finish.
  • I promise to always fight for you and your family.
  • I care about my clients just like family and you can always personally talk to me anytime day or night.
  • I can come to your home, office or hospital with no obligations.
  • I don’t get paid unless I recover money for you. If I don’t win your case, you don’t owe me a dime.
  • I promise to listen to your story and stand by you.

Testimonials for Malnar Law, P.C., the Colorado Springs personal injury attorney

Includes reviews for the Allen Law Firm, now part of Malnar Law, P.C. Doug Allen is an "of counsel" attorney for Malnar Law, P.C. as of 2018.

I recommend Malnar Law for your legal problems. Ryan has advised me on several different issues I have been facing. He is very prompt and doesn't waste your time. If I am ever in a car accident, I will call Ryan Malnar.

Sheldon Stagman 2017-07-19

Ryan is a dedicated hard working lawyer, who truly cares about his clientele. any questions or concerns I had he immediately was able to provide accurate answers, he's the guy I want in my corner!

Tony Patalano 2017-07-19

Honest, insightful, and caring. This is the lawyer for you.

Chip Odell 2017-07-19

The financial cost of a car wreck adds to the pain and suffering that follows. My car was total loss and the financial expenses were greater than I could have ever expected they would be.

Immediately after my car accident, and for several weeks afterwards, I was in shock. I was in emotional distress and feeling afraid. Dealing with my insurance company was exacerbating my stress level. Seeking help from Mr. Malnar is one of the best decisions I've ever made. His knowledge and determination minimized my worries. Thanks to his expert advice I am on the road to recovery & I was timely compensated for the property damage.


Mr Malnar was amazing! Excellent in his practice, he is friendly, professional and extremely proficient. Prompt at responding in every time of need. Couldn't have chose a better attorney to represent me! Cannot stress enough how pleased I am with this practice.

Sonya Yslas 2017-09-15

(Translated by Google) It is very good lawyer and Spanish Abla

Es muy buen abogado y español Abla

Javier Dominguez 2017-10-15

Ryan was very helpful on evaluating our injury/ auto accident case thoroughly. I would recommend for any future injury cases.

Carl Webb 2017-12-15

Ryan works hard. Discusses options. Is available for questions. He met and went beyond expectations.

Rek Lee 2017-12-19

I was went to car accident last of year of October 29 2016,
and I call ryan to help me in my car accident, ive been suffer in couple months because of pain, but ryan did everything to help me to get better, ryan is the best to call when it comes to accident because, he will do everything to get you better.

jhie broqueza 2017-12-19

5 stars!

Elijah Hopkins 2018-01-19

Although my case wasn't a personal injury claim, Mr. Malnar agreed to represent me on another matter and I was very impressed with the professionalism of Mr. Malnar and his firm. From the ease of uploading documents important to my case on the firm website, the prompt communication from Mr. Malnar regarding my questions, and the representation in court, I was glad Malnar Law was on my team. I was also very impressed with the promptness of the billing and the fairness of the expenses. I didn't feel as if I over-billed or nickeled and dimed for every phone call and email. I would certainly consider having Malnar Law represent me again in the future (if needed).

Richard Riddle 2018-02-19

5 stars!

Allan Milemon 2018-03-19

I was involved in a automobile accident in March 2017. While stopped in traffic waiting for the light to turn green I was rear ended at full speed by a distracted driver. A friend recommended Ryan Malnar to me to take care of things. From my first meeting until the last, Ryan and his team have thoroughly impressed me with their compassion and willingness to work to get me exceptional results. Ryan will work to get you the maximum amount possible. My case was resolved in 12 months. I would definitely recommend Ryan Malnar to my friends and family! V. Fox

Jeff Fox 2018-03-19

This law firm was the best decision I made to assist me in one of the hardest times of my life. I was in a rollover car accident with my daughters and was the scariest experience I had ever been in. They represented all three of us and took care to every detail, from the legalities and the injuries.The kindness and grace they showed me throughout the entire process turned a horrible situation onto the best possible outcome!!! I would highly recommend anyone needing help during an accident to absolutely seek this firm out.!!!

Janelle Pinson 2018-04-19

5 stars!

ehorizons Designs 2018-07-04

Had never used an attorney before Mr Allen was beyond helpful and made the outcome phenomenal.

Ginny Rucker 2018-04-12

Very satisfied with the service! Doug took care of everything, and even came to our house - which makes it so much easier when you have a broken leg.. Recovered the maximum amount within a month! Answered all of our calls and emails in a timely manner. I definitely recommend this attorney.

Vlad S. 2018-01-31

5 stars!

Francia Boguero 2018-03-08

Doug has done a great job with my case. He is extremely responsive and he actually cares about you and your case. He got me a very fair settlement.

Chet Rickerman 2018-02-07

Mr. Allen took my case from a place of disadvantage to positive outcome. From the first moment, my story and condition were advocated to the highest standard of legal professionalism. Frustrations, uncertainty, and possibilities were evaluated and capitalized upon to provide me the best possible settlement in my auto injury case. I’m really glad I’ve had the opportunity to befriend the area’s foremost accident and injury attorney. Thanks Doug!

James Wolford 2018-01-25

Got hit head on East of Springs and it banged me up pretty badly. Chose Doug and he was at my house the day after I was released from the hospital. Even drove me to one of my ortho appointments. He gave me a no BS assessment of what my legal options were. Every phone call, text and visit was with Doug personally, not a paralegal pre-law student. That meant every stupid question I had was for the guy who has been doing this for years, not an administrative aid. The settlement came in pretty quickly, but admittedly my case was pretty cut and dry. His fee was right on line with what the industry standard is, but there were no little extra fees that I've heard horror stories about. Even after paying his retainer I walked away with lot more than had I not called him at all and just took what they handed me. Getting hit head-on at highway speed could never be called a positive experience, but I'm glad I called Doug and I'd recommend him to anyone. I'm a real reviewer, so feel free to contact me through my username and verify. I'd recommend him to anyone. Hopefully, I won't need an injury attorney again anytime soon, but he'll be the guy if I ever do.

Vincent King 2017-01-26

Doug is an amazing attorney. He recovered what he said he could. Don't go with any one other than Doug Allen Jr. for personal injury.

Chalaine Heyer 2017-04-26

I have found Mr. Allen to be professional, honest and of high integrity. He is a an excellent personal injury attorney.

Chad Abercrombie 2017-04-23

Recently we used the services of Mr. Doug Allen. We were so pleased with his personal attention that made it easier to get thru the process. His work ethic is superb...offering advise, gathering information, filing the paperwork in a timely manner and getting RESULTS QUICKLY. Doug is personable and friendly; he puts one at ease the whole time. He even traveled from Colorado Springs to Pueblo several times working on the case. Call Doug Allen. You will be happy you did!

Gregoria Vallejo 2017-03-12

Doug is a great attorney! Definitely worked hard to make sure I was taken care and was accessible whenever needed. Got me a nice settlement!

Tiffany Jones 2017-03-16

I highly recommend Doug Allen as a Personal Injury Lawyer in Colorado Springs. Why? I was rear ended at a red light; the other person was ticketed and had an obscure form of insurance from another country despite being American (I am guessing he couldn’t get insured here). I needed to talk to a lawyer and I didn’t know any lawyers, most of my friends didn’t know any lawyers either. I then had 2 choices; go with lawyers recommended from a tv commercial or one recommended on the web. Turns out if you look on the web, the ones from the tv commercials have really low ratings which is probably why they need the commercials, so I went with the web recommendations. Within a year of the accident I tried a web lawyer from a large law firm and called for an appointment with said lawyer. Who walks in? Not the guy from the web, some lower level associate, I didn’t even meet the lawyer to whom I had requested the appointment. The associate who I did meet told me I had to complete medical treatment before seeking a lawyer as I was still being treated. He also said I had 3 years from the accident to obtain a lawyer. My lesson was this was not the law firm for me. After my medical treatments were completed about a year and a half later I went to a lawyer recommended by a friend who now advertises via tv commercials. She told me international polices were notoriously small, as did the previous lawyer. Then she said she would review all my medical records and then talk to me. Instead, I received a letter telling me she wasn’t interested in my case. When I retrieved my medical records she didn’t even have 1/3 of them. Again wrong lawyer. So I was back to the drawing board again. I started again with the list from the web, and I spoke to lawyer after lawyer explaining everything including that the insurance company the other person had was from outside the US. They each pushed me off onto another lawyer, then another, etc. saying they were too busy and I wasn’t giving them enough lead time. I finally called Doug Allen, as he was one the previous lawyer recommended and he immediately offered me help. Doug Allen was the ONLY one to offer me help. He had me see a doctor to get a medical opinion from someone he trusted who could review my records and told me he was sorry I hadn’t called him first. He prefers to help people right after an accident, making sure they get the right medical treatment throughout, but is willing to help anyone at any stage. Doug also told me as did the first 2 that insurance policies from outside the US rarely have large values. Despite the short time frame, and the insurance company from another country, and potentially not making a lot since the international polices were low; He took my case. Without going to court, he worked with the other company who paid out to the full amount of the small policy that person had. I am grateful for his help in closing my case quickly, out of court and for the full amount.

Karen Ollerman 2017-03-28

My teenage daughter was involved in a serious auto accident. We contacted Doug Allen after seeing his positive reviews. To my surprise he was the one that answered the phone. From that moment forward he was very responsive and helpful. He visited my daughter in the hospital that same day. He subsequently settled her case with the insurance company in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend him.

Paul Martinez 2017-02-25

Excellent personal injury attorney. Doug Allen handled my car accident case when other local attorneys told me that my case was too small. Doug did get me a very fair settlement from the at-fault driver's insurance company and I was very happy. Doug is honest, trustworthy and you can call and talk to him everyday if you want. I talked to Doug about 8 times per week and each time he was always courteous and explained things in a way that I could understand what was going on in my case. Do not trust the TV lawyers as they have paralegals doing all their work. Doug Allen personally handles each and every case himself!!!!

John Richards 2017-02-10

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Claudia Allen 2017-02-10

Doug got me the full policy limits which I did not expect. I highly recommend him!!

Damond Hull 2017-03-08

I found Doug's information via Google search and found all of these 5-star positive reviews and in my experience so far, he has fully lived up to the perfect reputation. He walked me through the processes every step of the way and explained everything very clearly. No empty promises, no boasting of previous cases, no runaround; just straightforward, honest, helpful representation. I definitely could not have worked my way through this case without Doug's help!

Vince Vergara 2017-01-23

Doug is very professional to work with. He took care of everything in my insurance case so I could focus on healing. He answered all my question and kept me informed of my case. I recommend his service to anyone.

L B 2017-01-23

Doug was out of the country when I first contacted him about my accident. His response and communication with me was fast and informative. Hopefully I will never need another injury lawyer but if I do I will be using Doug again.

Alex Harroun 2017-01-23

Doug Allen has helped my boyfriend and I in the process of after our accident. He recommended us to one of the best chiropractors. He is dedicated and determined to help us in any way possible. Any questions or concerns we have, he is right there to answer. I sincerely recommend him.

Delacia Tibayan 2017-01-22

I had an auto accident on 2 September 2016. The CSPD deemed it a hit and run case. I wasn’t quite sure who to call being that it was my first accident. Everyone knows dealing with insurance companies can be nerve-racking. I searched for a Personal Injury Attorney in Colorado Springs and ran across Doug’s webpage. What caught my eye were the outstanding reviews this man had received. I decided to give him a shot. In turn, I received a free in-depth professional consultation from him. This man has been to all my first time medical appointments with my Chiropractor, Pain Management Specialist, and Orthopedic Surgeon. He is quick to respond to any of my questions and has helped every step of the way with my case. If you are looking to find a TOP-notch experienced personal injury and accident lawyer, then look no further. Not only do I consider Doug an OUTSTANDING personal injury lawyer who strives in providing top quality legal advice, but also a friend.

Andi D 2016-11-30

Doug Allen helped me with my car accident. Sent me to the best doctors. Easy to talk to, honest, dedicated. He is the best attorney in CO. He will answer all the questions. I definitely recommend him.

Aslan Gigolaev 2017-01-21

We hired Doug after being disappointed with one of those high profile, heavily advertised attorneys. Doug's service has been like night and day. He visits us, emails and calls personally. He picked up the case and is running with it. We are happy with his personal attention.

D Ellis 2016-10-31

Doug Allen is an excellent lawyer and he helped me get a great recovery from the at fault driver's insurance company

Andres Gutierrez 2016-11-01

Doug is wonderful! He was so helpful throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend him!

Charlotte Erickson 2016-11-01

Very helpful with everything. Easy to talk to. Great at listening to all of my concerns. Very polite and honest. Thank you for everything

Collette Schwab 2016-10-28

This guy knows his stuff! Great reputation in Florida, and on his way to being a force here in CO. Gets to work right away and stays involved in the whole case.

Miiyu Yumii 2016-10-31

Doug Allen is great to work with. Great person and the Lawyer. I recommend him to everybody who needs his services.

Martin Prosek 2016-10-28

experienced, dedicated, motivated. Have and will continue to recommend Doug to people in need of a good competent personal injury attorney. Ron Schreiber

Stephanie Lee 2016-10-28

Doug is outstanding with detail, quick to respond and very well qualified to help with your personal injury need! He listens and works hard for the best outcome possible in ALL his cases. A five star professional and who I want on my team!

Tory Hoefar 2016-10-10

Doug Allen is great to work with. Great person and the Lawyer. I recommend him to everybody who needs his services.

Martin Prosek 2016-10-28

Douglas Allen es un muy buen abogado. Ha estado muy pendiente de mi caso y me ha ayudado en mi proceso con mi lesión personal. El es muy amable, me escribe y llama siempre. Yo agradezco mucho su servicio. La verdad lo recomiendo mucho, si usted tiene un accidente no dude en llamarlo ademas porque habla español.

Hector Ortiz Lopez 2016-09-06

Good attorney!

Joseph Gutierrez 2016-10-08

Great attorney; Helped us with our case and acted quickly. He was also up to date with us. He got us more money then we thought we could get. A±±

Kevin Balbuena 2016-09-27

As a concussion management specialist, I appreciate Doug's simplistic, clean approach to personal injury cases. The legal aspect of cases involving motor vehicle accidents can be overwhelming for patients. Doug has the experience and skill sets to take the worry away!

Brad Gulla 2016-08-25

Thanks Doug - I appreciate your way of explaining legal concepts easily and clearly!

Jed Bradshaw 2016-08-28


Ronald Salvaggione 2016-08-24

Mr. Allen helped me recover a huge settlement in my personal injury case. You can always reach him on his cell phone and he will call you back at 10 pm if he needs too. Doug also helped me get to the doctors and found me excellent medical care. He is the best attorney that I have ever seen and wish him all the best!

Billy Pascalli 2016-08-2

Best attorney out there!! Can't get better than this guy. He'll 100% win your case.

Natasha-Sushi Allen

Mr. Allen is very smart when it comes to handling personal injury cases. I know that he has more than 20 years handling personal injury cases, car accidents, slip and falls and dog attacks, among many other cases against insurance companies. I would highly recommend Doug for your personal injury case and since he is licensed in Colorado, Florida and Hawaii, he also has a lot of experience fighting the insurance companies.

Brad Temple 2016-08-3


Jonathan Fleecs 2016-08-3

Doug Allen handled my car accident case and he is the best and most honest attorney that I have ever seen. He is also my father and I have seen him work so hard for more than 20 years, doing personal injury cases and honestly getting the highest settlements for each and every client. If you want a hard working, honest and caring attorney, this is the one!

Natasha Allen 2016-08-1

Doug was extremely kind and very knowledgeable. I'm very happy with hiring him.

Kellie Allen 2016-07-31

I have known Doug for about 10 months. If and when I need a Personal Injury Attorney I would be calling Doug!

Frank Dearden 2016-08-17

Excellent attorney and he settled my case when 2 other attorneys could not do it, i recommend him for all your personal injury cases

Donna Kimberling 2016-12-02

Mr. Allen is professional, polite and went beyond my expectations for our case.

Antoinette Harris 2016-11-01

Excellent service and prompt results. Not expecting the outcome, we were very glad after the case was final with the result.

Ms. Miriam Cota 2016-11-01

Doug's help was amazing.. I felt totally confortable with having Doug on board my case.. Thank you Doug for your excellent and professional help you provided... Larry

Larry Collins 2017-06-07

5 stars!

Gregory French 2017-07-13

Five stars out of five stars.

Devon Delapeza 2017-07-29

Five stars out of five stars.

Matt Wellbrock 2017-08-02

My father and I were referred to Doug Allen by another attorney that I was very familiar. Doug has been very personable and easy to get in touch with via email or phone on a daily basis. The settlement was processed in a very speedy manner.

Barb Hagar

Had it not been for Doug I would not have been able to pay for my medical to recover from my accident. He got me a fair settlement and all I had to do was worry about getting better!

Ashley Albers

How does making an auto accident claim work?

In Colorado, as in the rest of the United States, the law requires that every road user has auto insurance. This is to prevent the all too common circumstance of a party being unable to claim compensation after an auto accident; of course, not every road user actually sticks to the law, and so this can still happen. But in the majority of cases, the fact that both parties have insurance means that you’ll normally be able to make a claim either small or large.

The process for actually making a claim after an auto accident is difficult if you try to do it on your own. Insurers love dealing with individuals without legal counsel, because they’ll throw every trick in the book at them to offer them less than they’re entitled to. That’s why I recommend consulting with a legal firm like mine. If you do, here are the steps it will take before you get what you deserve.

  1. The very first step is filing your claim with your insurance carrier. You’ll receive a call soon after you report your accident to them, the purpose of which is to determine exactly what happened. You’ll be asked questions about your injuries, the damage done to your car, and who was at fault. Depending on how soon you contacted an auto accident attorney, this could be something that your car accident attorney does for you.
  2. Once your claim has been filed, it will be assigned a claims adjustor. This person becomes the liaison between you (or me, as your attorney) and the insurance company you are negotiating with from this point on. An adjustor will take a look at your medical reports, investigate the accident in depth, speak with you and any witnesses in order to gather more information, examine the damage to your car, determine fault, and then use this information to determine how much he thinks your claim to be worth.
  3. Throughout this whole process, your insurance company will pay for your auto repair and medical treatment. This is what’s known as indemnification.
  4. Once your adjustor comes to their conclusion, they will make you or your attorney an initial offer. Bear in mind that at this stage, it is unlikely for you to be offered the full amount that your claim could earn. Remember that the business of the insurance company is to bring in more money through coverage plans than they give out after accidents; it’s in their interest to lowball you from the very beginning.
  5. As your auto accident attorney Colorado Springs, this is the point where I negotiate on your behalf in order to achieve a better settlement. Given that I’ve been in the industry for twenty years, I know every trick of the trade that an insurance adjustor might throw at somebody making a claim. I’m an expert at negotiating the best that you can get.
  6. At all points during the negotiation, I can let you know precisely how much I expect your claim can earn you. As such, I’ll be able to tell you whether we should hold out for more, or take an offer as it’s the best you’re likely to receive. If an offer is the best you’re likely to receive, and you’d like to accept it, then I can immediately inform the insurance adjustor of your decision.
  7. If they don’t offer you something you’re happy with, you can press on and take the claim to court. While I work on a contingency fee, taking a case to court involves further fees for filing the case, expert witnesses and so on. That’s why I generally advise trying to settle, to avoid unnecessary cost and time.
  8. If you do accept an offer, the only thing that’s left for you to do is wait until you receive the money, and think about what you’re going to put it towards! If your claim is unsuccessful, either through settling or taking it to court, you won’t even have to pay for my services: I only charge if you receive a settlement.

This is a relatively simple breakdown of what it takes to file an auto claim. I purposefully didn’t include the minute details of negotiation, renegotiation and the job of claims adjustors because to do so would take quite a while!

Is it better to settle, or take a claim to court with an auto accident attorney Colorado Springs?

Generally speaking, it’s better to settle out of court than it is to challenge in court. The first reason, quite simply, is that it’s expensive to fight a legal battle in the court system. There are any number of costs, from simple court filing fees to deposition fees, fees for expert witnesses, and more. While I work on a contingency basis for settlements both in and outside of court, I can’t say the same for these fees, which will come out of the final settlement you receive.

Not only that, but having to fight an extended court battle isn’t the best option for your health. In the intense period of recovery after an auto accident, it’s exceptionally important that you find the time to focus on your recovery, especially if your accident was serious. While I can take on the burden of fighting your case with the insurance company, you would have to have a more hands-on role if the case went to court, which can be unwanted and unnecessary stress.

On top of these factors, court cases can drag on for longer than expected. It can take cases years to find a satisfactory resolution, which is far longer than many people are willing to give. Because of this factor, and the others described above, I make every effort to settle cases out of court, first and foremost. That being said, it may be necessary to take your case to court if the insurance company simply is not willing to offer a reasonable settlement. And if your case does have to go to court, I will do everything in my power to make the process as simple, painless and successful as possible.