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Product Liability Injury

If a product is dangerous, or causes injury, then the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, or others should compensate victims who have been harmed.
There are a variety of claims that can be made in a Product Liability Injury case. Perhaps the product had a manufacturing or design defect. There could also be a personal injury case filed if there was an insufficient warning label on the package of the product.

Frequently asked questions about product liability

What is strict liability?

Instead of trying to prove that manufacturer was negligent, strict liability claims attempt to prove that a manufacturer of a product is liable because the product was defective.

How does a consumer protection law work?

Many states have consumer protection laws. A consumer protection law provides help if the product is unusable, but does not cause actual physical harm. Generally, you can receive monetary compensation for an unusable product. A “lemon law” is an example of consumer protection law.

Why hire a personal injury attorney?

A personal injury attorney can help you recover money if a product is unusable or caused harm to your or your family. Do not be embarrassed to seek help from a personal injury lawyer if you were the victim of a poorly designed or badly manufactured product.
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