Personal injury lawyer Doug Allen is currently an “of counsel” attorney for Malnar Law, P.C. The following story was written before Doug Allen represented Malnar Law, P.C.

Attorney Doug Allen recovered $125,000.00 dollars for a client who had muscular dystrophy before a car crash.

Interestingly, this client had previously hired a personal injury attorney, but that lawyer gave up the case quickly. The client in question was a passenger in a car that was rear ended. He struggled with muscular dystrophy all his life, but the car crash made it worse. In addition, it caused neck and back pain.

A big name law firm had the case before Doug Allen and they withdrew from his case, thinking that he could not recover any money for him for the car crash.

Doug Allen took over the case and recovered the maximum insurance available, $125,000, from State Farm.

How did this happen? First, a passenger in a car accident is entitled to recover money from his injuries. Second, proving your injuries are a result from the crash is critical. Seek the advice of a skilled chiropractor or doctor. Third, never giving up on your rights is critical. The insurance companies are not in business to help you, but to make money. Never take the first settlement. Contact a reputable personal injury lawyer as soon as possible who can advise you on your rights. Fourth, taking the correct steps after a car accident is important. Collect the evidence, get a police report, take photos and seek medical attention. Ensure your records are complete and accurate.

This case exemplifies how Doug Allen & Malnar Law, P.C. is the best choice in personal injury law, particularly car accident cases. Big TV lawyers simply do not have the personal attention that Malnar Law, P.C. provides. They did not believe the case was worth anything but Doug took the case and recovered $125,000.00!

A personal injury lawyer with over 20 years of experience, Doug Allen serves Colorado Springs with honesty & integrity.