Bicycle accidents are something I take very seriously. Cars and trucks tend to believe that the road belongs to them and to them only. People do not generally like to share the road with cyclists. Many cyclist have had things thrown at them, been yelled at, almost pushed off the road, and many have been run over by a car.

One of my rules is to never get into a fight with someone driving a car because that car weighs a lot more than a bicycle. A lot of people also carry guns and if you flip the finger or start a yelling match, you could end up getting shot or killed. It is better to exercise restraint out on the road and jot down a license plate number so you can call the police. With all the smartphones these days, you can also take photos or videos of the vehicle so always a good idea to carry your smartphone with you and have it accessible in case of an incident.

Bicycles enjoy the same rights and need to obey the same rules of the road as cars. So, cyclists should stop at each stop sign and look and yield to other cars prior to proceeding. Cyclists should obey all traffic signals and stoplights. In Colorado, there is a 3 foot rule which means that vehicles are supposed to give cyclists a 3 foot space when passing. If a car cannot safely pass with 3 feet of passing space, then the car should wait until it is safe to do so. I know some cyclists who actually have go pros mounted to the rear of their bike to film what is going on behind them, just in case a car does end up crashing into them. It is a dangerous world out there and not all cars are supportive and nice to cyclists. Please remember that every cyclist out there is someone’s mom or dad or son or daughter. It only takes a few seconds at the most to pass a cyclist so please do so cautiously and carefully.

A car that runs over a cyclist will be found negligent and will be amenable to a lawsuit in the local District Court. I urge all drivers to keep a proper lookout for cyclists and give them that extra room that they need to survive. Especially in a place like Colorado Springs where cycling is a very popular sport, we all need to exercise reasonable care. Cyclists are merely trying to enjoy their sport just like anyone who enjoys their sport. In our area, we have many Olympic cyclists due to being home to the Olympic Training Center. If you have been injured as a cyclist, you can call me as I care deeply about cyclist. TI know the risks that cyclists take and the pressure that they are under training with cars on a daily basis.

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