A first report of injury is generally what is required to be filed by your employer if you are injured on the job. As soon as you are injured at work or on the job, make sure that your boss or employer files a first report of injury so that your accident is report to the proper authorities, usually your state’s Division of Worker’s Compensation. For example, in Colorado this form is filed with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Workers’ Compensation.

The employers’ first report of injury gives information about the claimant (you), who is the employer, insurance carrier and possibly the medical practitioner who will be treating or has treated you, the employee. It will also explain the details of the employees’ job and how the injury or accident or illness happened. There are also usually time limits that vary from state to state as to when this first report of injury must be filed. So, be aware that there are time limits on this report and be careful as sometimes an employer may be lazy in filing this first report. Many states provide penalties if the employer does not file this report within the designated time period.

Consequently, after this first report of injury, one is provided with appropriate medical care and is able to make a claim for lost wages and expenses incurred as a result of the injury or accident. For example, most states will allow you to recover lost wages and also mileage driving back and forth to the doctor’s office. Each state allows for different expenses to be recovered as well as technical rules as to whether you have sustained a “permanent injury” and a permanent impairment. It is important to hire an experienced worker’s compensation attorney as many personal injury lawyers do not handle on the job accidents/injuries. Workers compensation law is very much a specialty of some lawyers so do not assume that your lawyer or even any personal injury lawyer will have experience in this specialized field.

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