What Is The Cause Of The Increase In Road Accidents In Colorado?

Colorado has seen an increase in road accidents during the past few years. There are many causes of car accidents including the use of the newly legalized marijuana, drinking and driving, distracted drivers, excess speed, faulty equipment on vehicles, driver fatigue, and other reasons. Car accidents cause thousands of injuries, fatalities, and millions of dollars in property damage. But, why are the number of car accidents increasing in Colorado? There are many possible reasons for car crashes increasing but some people blame the recent legalizing of marijuana.

How Has The Legalization Of Marijuana Impacted The Number Of Car Accidents In Colorado?

Statistics show that in 2009 as medical marijuana was taking effect, 10% of all traffic fatalities in Colorado involved marijuana. Marijuana was legalized and the number of traffic fatalities related to marijuana started to go up. In 2011 there were 66 fatalities, in 2012 there were 78 fatalities, in 2013 there were 71 fatalities, and in 2014 there were 94 fatalities. 2014 was the first year marijuana was available at retail stores and the fatalities accounted for 19% of traffic fatalities in Colorado. These figures were gathered from sheriffs, police officers, and coroners across Colorado.

Traffic laws may need to be changed to address the problem of impaired drivers who use marijuana. Public awareness campaigns may need to be launched to address the problem of driving after using marijuana. Like alcohol, even though marijuana is now legal to use, there must be limitations and rules as to what is allowed under its influence for public safety.

Other reasons for traffic accidents in Colorado increasing are cell phone use, drinking or drug use before driving, driver fatigue, faulty equipment, and speeding. As the population of Colorado increases and roadways become more crowded, additional accidents will happen. There are many reasons behind the increase in car and truck accidents. In the end, the victims of accidents still suffer injury and damage to their vehicles. Too many people die in car accidents that could have been prevented. Victims and their families will need good legal representation to receive the fair compensation they deserve. Victims of a car accident in Colorado Springs have legal help available from qualified personal injury lawyers such as Ryan Malnar.

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