How Much Compensation for Whiplash?

Every whiplash claim is different.

There is no ball park figure, or simple blueprint for an answer to how much you’ll get in compensation. That’s because individual entitlement varies when filing a personal injury claim for whiplash.

Yet there are a few ways to calculate the estimated amount that you are likely to receive. There are several important factors in every case when determining a claim outcome. Yet, each person’s amount will be different based upon personal experiences and situations. Calculating compensation is a complex process, which is why it is so important to hire a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer will help you all the way through the process and get you the compensation you deserve.

So the question you need to answer is “how much compensation for whiplash”? Some factors will hold more merit than others when it comes to personal pain and suffering. Even with the help of a lawyer, you’re going to want to understand these factors yourself.

‘Multipliers’ is the most important term you must learn when it comes to claiming. Multipliers refers to factors that may lower or inflate your final settlement amount. Yet, there are also factors that will affect the amount of power you have to negotiate. These multipliers will help to increase the settlement amount.

How much compensation for whiplash

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Factors affecting compensation amount:

  1. Physical injury such as broken bones, concussion, nerve damage and brain damage. This level of physical suffering is one of the biggest factors affecting the value of your claim, especially when it comes to brain damage. When the head jolts backwards and forwards in a sharp motion whiplash occurs, but this can also result in worse injuries. The jolting motion can cause severe brain damage.
  2. Your treatment following the incident. The treatment you seek after the incident determines how much compensation for whiplash. The first Doctor you visit will determine the extent of your injuries. If whiplash isn’t mentioned, bring it up yourself in the initial treatment session. It isn’t hard to overlook symptoms immediately after an incident. It is common for symptoms to present themselves weeks or months after the incident.
  3. Life disturbance. The physical and psychological symptoms of whiplash can cause life upheaval. This may include missed appointments, holidays, work or school. If you have missed time off work you are likely to receive a high amount of compensation. Missing time off work due to whiplash isn’t that uncommon. This is due to the severe pain that can often lead to chronic pain. Other physical symptoms include: dizziness, headaches & concentration problems.
  4. Financial costs. Compensation is also intended to recover the financial losses suffered. Whiplash can sometimes incur costs for medication and rehabilitation appointments.
  5. Emotional Trauma. It is not uncommon for victims to experience emotional trauma after an incident. Many whiplash sufferers have also suffered from anxiety, depression and PTSD. Emotional trauma can lead to a loss of life quality and raise compensation amounts.

How Much Compensation for Whiplash?

What lowers your claim’s multiplier? There are factors which can increase entitlement, factors may also decrease the sum. The main factor being lack of evidence. When taking your claim to court, your sum will lower if no evidence is present. You will need reports from your Doctor and proof of prescriptions. Over-the counter prescriptions don’t give your negotiation power the same weight. Your claim sum can also lower if you received treatment from a non medical professional. There are many pit falls in making a claim. This is why it is important to contact a lawyer immediately after an incident. Your lawyer can direct you to the best reputable personal injury medical professionals. This ensures that your evidence is reputable in the eyes of the court. If you deserve it, your lawyer will make sure you get the compensation.

It is not uncommon to seek out alternative treatments and therapists. It can never harm your claim to seek help from Chiropractors or other practitioners. By consulting an array of pain management specialists, you can collect further information. This further documentation will only strengthen your whiplash claim. ALWAYS ensure you consult with a registered MD first.

Calculating your Multiplier

As you can imagine, calculating your claim can be tricky. There are many determining factors, which is why you should always consult a lawyer. Reputable lawyer will have the experience in successfully creating fair settlement prices. Lawyers will also help you to submit your claim from start to finish. No-win, no-fee lawyers will also incorporate their legal fees into the compensation sum. Remember, it is the job of other parties to try and negotiate down your claim. You’ll need solid representation on your side for any curve balls thrown at you in court. If you hesitate to bring a case to court immediately, they may immediately be classed as weak. No matter how much time has passed since the incident, a good lawyer will work around this, and help you get how much compensation for whiplash you deserve.

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