Product Liability Injuries

Product Liability Injury

air bag activated in compact carWe are surrounded by products that we love and use every single day. From our phones to our computers and our favorite gadgets, we rely on the products we use to function as promised. Think about products that we rely on to keep us and our loved ones safe, like a child lock on a bottle or an airbag in a car. Most products we use have been tested, reviewed and deemed safe by the respective companies that manufacture them. But even with the best safety features, products can still malfunction and cause serious injury or death.

The very reason Product Liability laws exist are to ensure that when you are impacted by one of these malfunctions that the company responsible is held accountable. If you decide to seek a settlement from one of these companies it’s important to remember that they often have a team of lawyers whose job is to defend the company’s bottom line. It is paramount that you consult with a reputable and tenacious Product Liability Lawyer that will fight for you and protect you from corporate tactics.

When is a product considered dangerous?

product liability example broken windshield A product will be considered dangerous for many reasons, and often those reasons are not enough to tip the scales and trigger a recall of the product. There are three key areas that could have cause the malfunction leading to your injury:

1) The design of the product as a whole is flawed. If the design itself is dangerous than any and all users of the product can be subjected to injury. Design flaws are a direct result of companies not adhering to safety protocols or not spending enough time testing the product before manufacturing.

2) A defect in manufacturing. The liability for manufacturing defects usually stems from two places. One being low company involvement in the quality control aspect of manufacturing and the second being negligence on the part of the factory.

3) Proper warning tags are missing. This form of negligence again falls on both the factory and the company responsible for design. Warnings exist to let the end user know what is an unacceptable use of the product. If those warnings are absent then those users are unaware of certain risks and therefore may misuse the product.

What should I do if I’ve been injured?

– Seek medical attention immediately, especially if your wounds are serious enough to require a visit to the ER.

– Gather the remaining pieces of the product and take dozens of photos. Your attorney is going to need as much material and as much data as possible to begin formulating an injury case. If possible take pictures of the wounds you sustained from the defective product.

– Continue monitoring your condition in the days and weeks following your injury, as more symptoms may begin to develop. A great example of this is whiplash from a car accident. While whiplash may not immediately be noticeable in the weeks following the accident you may develop other symptoms like headaches or dizziness.

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