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Most slip and fall accidents occur inside stores. A slip and fall lawsuit can also be called a premise liability lawsuit. The justice system in the USA has made it clear that store owners or corporations are expected to provide a reasonably safe premise for customers or visitors to their property.

Even if a person does not slip, the victim of an injury on another persons property may be able to hold a storeowner or homeowner accountable for dangerous conditions that exist.

Frequently asked questions about premise liability

What conditions might you need to prove in a slip and fall lawsuit

One of the following needs to be proved in a slip and fall case:
The hazardous material or situation that led to an incident must have been caused by the property owner.
The property owner or the responsible person knew a hazard existed but did nothing to eliminate or correct the situation.
A reasonable person would have been able to detect the hazardous situation and thus the hazard should have been removed before the accident occurred.

Why hire a personal injury attorney?

There are many questions that must be asked when a a slip and fall claim is made. A personal injury attorney will be able to help you give notice to the appropriate entity, and hold the right person(s) responsible: tenant, property owner or manager. A qualified personal injury lawyer can assist you in filing the appropriate paperwork, managing your case and ensuring you receive the money needed for recovery and daily living expenses.
Malnar Law handles cases against property owners when their negligence causes injury. Dangerous conditions should be rectified by owners of property, especially when they are inviting members of the public to use their establishment for profit.