Slip and Fall Accidents

person with bandage from slip and fall accidentWhen we walk onto someone’s property, be it a business or a private home, we have the expectation that it will be safe and we will not be in danger of an injury. Even if every precaution is taken, accidents still happen. Who is responsible for your compensation? This is the question that forms the basis of all personal injury cases.

Personal injury due to a slip or fall can be a complicated legal knot to untangle. If you do decide to seek compensation from a business owner or homeowner, it’s important to know all the facts before embarking on what could be a lengthy legal battle.

Definition of Premises Liability

Premises Liability is a term you will hear often in a slip and fall case, in and out of the courtroom. Loosely defined, this term is used to describe a property owner’s responsibility to keep their property in a safe condition. If unsafe conditions occur, they need to be corrected promptly or clearly marked with signage, tape, or other warning signs. If a property owner knowingly ignores hazards and you get injured as a result, you could be entitled to compensation.

There are layers to Premises Liability just as in any other form of liability. For example, a person who is trespassing on a property will not be afforded the same rights as a guest who is invited. Or a child who is unable to fully comprehend a hazard will not be treated the same as an adult who can read caution signage. The case could get infinitely more complicated from there, which is why is so important to hire an attorney who can represent you fairly and examine all the facts from an outside point of view.

Next steps after a serious slip and fall

– If you slip and fall on someone’s property, your first reaction may be to jump right up and act like something embarrassing and potentially painful didn’t just happen. Before getting up, determine if you are hurt, in what part of your body, and how seriously. Stay calm during the first few seconds after a fall and take a deep breath. If you are with someone, have them help you determine where you may be hurt.

– Call 911 if you or the people around you feel it is necessary. If not, you should seriously consider seeing a doctor within 48 to 72 hours after a fall. This is for two reasons; the first is to give you peace of mind about your own injuries, and the second is to establish an independent source of evidence from the doctor documenting injuries for a legal case. If possible, take pictures of the surrounding area where you fell and make a note of any signage, tape, or cautionary markings.

– If anyone saw fall or offered assistance, don’t discuss the fall at length with them or try to blame yourself. Ask for their name and phone number as they may become a credible witness.

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