Teller County Personal Injury Attorneys

Have you been injured due to someone else’s negligence? Would you like to file a personal injury lawsuit? If so, you might be on the hunt for a personal injury attorney- and you’ve just found the best, right here, in Malnar Law, P.C.

It’s important to know that not all attorneys are made equal. And the attorney you choose could be the difference between you winning or losing the case. When searching for good Teller County Personal Injury Attorneys, there are a few different things that you should look for. Let’s take a look at why you should choose Ryan Malnar to represent your case:

Teller County Personal Injury Attorneys

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1) Educational Requirements

Personal injury lawyers should have an extensive educational background in the area. The exact educational requirements to become a lawyer vary from state to state. Having said that, most states require a minimum education of a bachelors degree followed by three more years in law school. Following the completion of law school, a graduate will obtain their JD (Juris Doctor) Degree. There is no standardized curriculum for law school. But most educational programs provide a wide degree of courses with a comprehensive overview of the field. Once a lawyer has earned their JD, they need to pass the bar exam. The exact testing for this will depend on which state they practice in. Having said that, each exam is designed to test their knowledge regarding professionalism and conduct in the field. In order to legally practice, all personal injury lawyers should be able to provide proof of their education and bar exam.

2) Continuing education

In order for Teller County Personal Injury Attorneys like Malnar Law, P.C. to maintain their bar status, they must engage in continuing education. Continuing education will help a lawyer gain experience. It will also help them stay current regarding changes and advances in the field. If you are not sure of the educational status of your lawyer, just ask. They should be able to provide you with proof of their JD, as well as their good standing with the bar exam. Most lawyers can also show proof of continuing education. Lucky for you, Malnar Law, P.C. loves to learn, and build his expertise in fields from nursing home abuse to dog attacks.

3) Key Skills

While you can’t give a lawyer your own exam to test their key skills, you can take note of their demeanour at your initial consultation. After speaking with your lawyer for the first time you should feel confident that they have strong social and communication skills. You should also feel confident in their organizational and analytical skills. And they should also be able to demonstrate significant knowledge in regards to federal and state laws pertaining to personal injury. How can you be sure? Ask lots of questions. Your lawyer should be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding your case without hesitation. To be extra sure, do your research beforehand. If you already know the answers to the questions you are asking, you will be able to tell whether they are, in fact, knowledgeable or just making things up as they go.

4) Experience

When it comes to hiring Teller County Personal Injury attorneys, seek out someone who has experience. A lawyer with experience will be better able to assess, investigate, and pursue your claim. And because they already have experience, they will already know specific laws focused around your case. Another reason to hire an attorney with experience? Because they have more confidence. Large insurance companies can be extremely pushy. When it comes to dealing with them, you need someone who is confident in doing so. An inexperienced lawyer may be more easily swayed by aggressive insurance agents. More experience lawyers will have the confidence to fight back. In return, they won’t stop fighting for you until you get the compensation you actually deserve.

5) Reputation

Never underestimate the power of a reputation. If someone has a reputation, either good or bad, it’s usually for a reason. If you’ve heard good things about a lawyer, you can probably assume they are doing good work. And if you hear bad things, well, it’s probably best to steer clear. Not sure of a lawyers reputation? If you haven’t been referred to a lawyer, do a little bit of digging around on the internet- take a look at some reviews and testimonials. It’s a great place to find out what other people are saying about your lawyer. It’s also a good place to find if your attorney has any disciplinary actions filed against them.

6) Professionalism

When hiring Teller County Personal Injury attorneys, look for someone who is professional. An attorney should be professional in the way they communicate. They should also be professional in the way the present themselves and in the way they dress. Remember, your attorney is going to be fighting for your compensation, so it is important that people take them seriously. This is especially true if your case ends up going to court. If your attorney doesn’t represent themselves well, they probably aren’t going to represent you well either.

7) Do you like them?

When working with a personal injury attorney ask yourself, do I like them? Some personal injury cases can be resolved quickly, but others can take years to resolve. And during the time that your case is being resolved, you will be working closely with your attorney. In return, it is important that you like them and that you get along well. It doesn’t matter how good an attorney is, if you don’t get along with them you are going to see stress down the road. If the two of you clash, always remember that there are other good attorneys like Malnar Law, P.C. out there too.

Finally, go with your gut. Your intuition is the first sign that something is wrong, and you should always trust it. Sometimes you gut tells you things that your mind doesn’t want to admit. So go with it. If you can follow all of these guidelines in hiring Teller county personal injury attorneys, then you are one step closer to winning your case!

If you’d like to know more about Ryan Malnar- and give yourself an opportunity to ‘go with your gut’- then give him a call. Ryan Malnar answers the phone personally and will give you an honest answer as to whether he thinks your case is likely to succeed. So get in touch today!